Moroccan Embassy Contact Number: 0207 581 50014

Call the Moroccan Embassy in London on their UK contact number 0207 581 50014 to book an appointment regarding your visa application, to renew your passport, or to request their address and opening times should you need to visit the consulate.


Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco – 0207 581 50014

You should contact the Moroccan Embassy in London on their UK phone number 0207 581 50014 for a range of legal advice and enquiries. For instance, you may wish to contact the embassy if you are a UK national who would like to get married in Morocco or if you would like to bury a deceased relative in the country. By contrast, if you are a resident of the UK but a Moroccan citizen then you can contact the embassy to request legal documents, ranging from your birth certificate to a National Electronic Identity Card. Similarly, this number is useful for anyone who would like to discuss the process of applying for Moroccan citizenship if they are eligible for dual nationality.


Visa Enquiries – 0207 724 0624

However, you should phone the Moroccan Embassy on visa enquiries number 0207 724 0624 for any enquiries about visas and passports. For example, you should use this number to discuss the visa processing time, to ask whether you can get the required documents at the airport upon your arrival to Morocco or to ask whether UK citizens need a visa. By contrast, callers can use this number to book an appointment to renew an existing passport, to discuss the required fees when doing so, or to ask how long the process will take.


Cost of Calling the Consulate

The Embassy of Morocco uses London contact numbers, charging no more than the foxed per-minute rate of a standard local call made from a UK landline or mobile. However, calls to the consulate will be free to contact if your landline deal includes free calls to local rate numbers or if your mobile tariff comes with inclusive free minutes. The Moroccan Embassy is available to take calls during the office hours of 9.30am-5pm Monday to Thursday, and from 9.30am-3pm on Fridays.


Moroccan Embassy Numbers

Embassy Helpline UK Phone Number
General Enquiries 0207 581 50014
Visa Enquiries 0207 724 0624


Email the Embassy

You may be required to email the Moroccan Embassy on when providing documentary evidence pertinent to your initial enquiry. For example, you may be required to supply evidence of vaccination history from your Vet in order to bring your pet into the Morocco.