Pakistan Embassy Contact Number: 0207 664 9200

Contact the High Commission for Pakistan in London by calling their UK phone number 0207 664 9200 for embassy services such as visa applications, lost passports and immigration consulate enquiries.

The High Commission for Pakistan in London is the official embassy which represents their citizens living and working within the United Kingdom (UK). Pakistani citizens can phone their reception contact number 0207 664 9200 to apply for a UK visa and to track an existing application, therefore if you would like further information about when your documents will be processed you should call this helpline. Moreover if you have lost your passport in Britain or it has been stolen you can dial this number to reach their consular staff in order to get an emergency replacement. Similarly if you have been in the UK for a significant length of time and your passport has expired you can call this helpline to get it renewed so that you can continue to travel. If either the UK or Pakistan governments have published legislation which may affect your rights to travel between the countries you should phone this number to consult with a diplomat for further clarification. You can call the Pakistan Embassy in London between 10am-4pm UK time Monday-Friday, so please note you will have to use the telephone number provided below if you have an emergency enquiry.


Emergency visa applications – 07466 961 435

Contact the Pakistan Embassy in London on their emergency phone number 07466 961 435 if you need to make an urgent visa application to come to the UK, for example if a family member has suffered a medical emergency. This helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week so please do not hesitate to contact consular staff if you need emergency assistance. Similarly if you would like to apply for asylum in the UK you should call this helpline for help and advice.


Pakistan Embassy contact numbers – in full

Department UK phone number
General enquiries 0207 664 9200
Chancery 0207 664 9276
Apply for a visa – normal opening hours 0207 664 9275
Apply for a visa – emergency applications 07466 961 435
Passport applications 0207 664 9274
Documents & legalisation 0207 664 9255
Settlement enquiries 0207 664 9271
Pakistani community and education 0207 664 9246
High Commissioner 0207 664 9227
Economic & commercial advisor 0207 664 9215


Write to the Pakistan Embassy

Letters can be sent to the High Commission for Pakistan in London by writing to their full UK postal address below, which is also useful if you are attending an appointment to discuss your visa or passport application.

High Commission for Pakistan,
34-36 Lowndes Square,
United Kingdom.