Saudi Arabian Embassy Contact Number: 0207 917 3000

Contact the Saudi Arabian Embassy in London by calling their general enquiries phone number 0207 917 3000 to apply for a new UK visa, to renew your passport and to notify them of lost travel documents.

The embassy for the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the United Kingdom is located in the central London area of Mayfair and is the first point of call for their citizens living in Britain. You should therefore contact them on their UK phone number 0207 917 3000 if you are applying for a visa to visit the country, where you can also track an existing application to stay in the UK as a permanent resident. By contrast if you believe that you have been unfairly denied a visa by either the UK or Saudi Arabian governments you may call this number to make a complaint and to appeal to the high court. You should also call this helpline if you are in the UK to renew your current passport and to make an appointment at the embassy if you need this countersigned. Similarly you must phone this number immediately if your passport has been lost or stolen so that they can get a replacement sent out to you as swiftly as possible, alternatively they may be able to assist you by providing emergency travel documents.

Calls to the Saudi Arabian Embassy on their UK contact number 0207 917 3000 are charged at an identical rate to that of other 01 and 02 phone numbers, which means you will pay a per-minute fee as well as a connection fee. However if you have free inclusive minutes included as part of your tariff you can call them for free as these can be used instead of incurring a monetary charge.


Saudi Embassy current affairs enquiries – 0207 917 3288

Contact the Saudi Arabian Embassy on their dedicated current affairs phone number 0207 917 3288 for information about latest news events and legislation changes which may affect your stay in the United Kingdom. You should also call this number to voice your dissatisfaction about human rights issues in the country, where you may be able to apply for compensation if a relative was unfairly punished for a crime.


Saudi Arabian Embassy – London phone numbers

Department UK contact number
General enquiries 0207 917 3000
Current affairs 0207 917 3288


Write to the Saudi Arabian Embassy

You can write the Saudi Arabian Embassy by either sending an email to or by writing a letter to their postal address in the central Mayfair area of London.

Saudi Arabian Embassy,
30 Charles Street,
W1J 5DZ,
United Kingdom.