Swedish Embassy Contact Number: 020 7917 6400

Phone the Embassy of Sweden on their local London contact number 020 7917 6400 if you have any questions about your passport and visa applications or would like legal advice before getting married in Sweden.


About the Embassy

The Embassy of Sweden is the representative of Sweden and their government in the United Kingdom. For instance, the embassy handles a large number of Swedish passports along with the official registration of newborns. Moreover, the London based embassy is responsible for administering of Swedish visas to UK nationals, whether for business trips or short stays in the Scandinavian country.


Reception – 020 7917 6400

Contact the Embassy of Sweden in London by calling their main reception telephone number 020 7917 6400 to find a translator or to ask for advice when learning Swedish. For instance, you should call the embassy to ask about the best way to learn Swedish, whether at a UK university or in evening and weekend classes recommended by a consulate. You can also get in touch for legal advice if you are a UK national who would like to get married in Sweden or if you would like to bring your pet to the country when you move to the UK. Similarly, this number is useful for anyone who would like to discuss dual citizenship plus callers may wish to ask for the embassy opening times to make an appointment at the embassy.


Passport Enquiries – 020 7917 6410

You should call the Embassy of Sweden on their passport enquiries telephone number 020 7917 6410 to renew a Swedish passport that is due to expire. For instance, callers can book an appointment at the embassy to both renew and apply for a second passport if they would like to claim dual citizenship. However, before you apply for a Swedish passport you will need to make an appointment at the London-based embassy to pay the necessary administrative fees.


Visa Enquiries – 020 7917 6418

You can also phone the Embassy on their Visa enquiries helpline number 020 7917 6418 to discuss the varying types of visa depending on what you wish to do in Sweden. For instance, many applicants will need to register for a short stay or tourist visa whereas some will need an student visa, particularly if studying abroad. It should also be noted that parents must apply for separate visas for their children and cannot include them on their own document. Therefore, this number is useful for anyone who would like to discuss the cost of the application process or would like to track an existing visa case made at the embassy.


Embassy Call Costs and Times

Given that the UK Embassy of Sweden is located in London, their contact numbers use the area code of the capital city meaning that you will only be charged the standard per-minute rate for a local call made from a landline or mobile phone. However, callers will be able to get in touch with the Swedish Embassy for no charge if you have any inclusive free minutes that have been offered by your service provider as part of your tariff deal. The Embassy of Sweden is available to be contacted during the opening times of 9am–12pm and 2pm–4pm Monday to Friday with lines closed on weekends.


Embassy of Sweden Phone Numbers

Embassy of Sweden Department UK Contact Number
Main Reception 020 7917 6400
Passport Enquiries 020 7917 6410
Visa Enquiries 020 7917 6418


Write to the Swedish Embassy

You can send off a completed passport application or even send a written enquiry to the Embassy through the post and should do so on their London address: Embassy of Sweden, 11 Montagu Pl, Marylebone, London, W1H 2AL, United Kingdom.